What is Speed Cache?

This plugin is designed to allow blog owners to utilize advanced Content Delivery Network (CDN) caching services that are typically leveraged by larger organizations. Our goal is to put website acceleration and static file caching in every WordPress install. This plugin is available to individuals, small businesses, schools and community organizations who are using WordPress as their CMS. Whether you need assistance lowering serving costs or simply want to make your blog load faster, consider using our service.

No free trial?

Many services offer a free trial. Our pricing and service offering are so competitive we know you will like the service so we offer 7 day guarantee. We serve top-tier bandwidth from major CDNs at a fraction of the usual cost. Where other plugins may claim to offer you a CDN experience, they utilize sub-par discount bandwidth from lower-tiered providers at only a couple of locations and rely on the fact that you’d never know the difference. We select only the top-performing CDNs for our clients.

Convenience and Trust of PayPal

We are proud to partner with PayPal to bring this amazing low-cost deal your way! What better way to conveniently allow users to sign up than to offer a one-click install and a one-click payment method! Don’t want to use PayPal? We can make arrangements, but the only way it’ll work automatically is through a PayPal payment. Give us a shout!

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